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    LINK MD®+ Enhanced Link Diagnostics

    LINK MD+ advanced diagnostics engine provides network fault management above and beyond current standards-based or vendor specific solutions. Common Ethernet fault detection mechanisms, such as error detection, error count and link down are complemented by Microchip’s renowned LINK MD diagnostics engine. LINK MD diagnostics utilizes Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to analyze the cabling harness, identifying and locating common cabling problems, such as open circuits, short circuits and impedance mismatches.

    Such methodology is common practice today and helps to reduce downtime, however, cannot prevent the occurrence of network faults. The introduction of LINK MD+ significantly enhances network diagnostics, offering link quality monitoring to identify potential issues prior to any fault occurrence. LINK MD+ radically minimizes or even eliminates link fault down time. LINK MD+ provides a Signal Quality Indicator (SQI) in the form of a simple 4-bit register value to denote the receiver signal margin or error probability.

    SQI can be utilized to benefit both installation and real-time network monitoring.

    • Determine infrastructure cable link quality during installation
    • Live dynamic network link quality monitoring

    The latter provides the ability to identify deteriorating link quality, thus allowing intervention prior to any potential link issues.

    Ethernet Video Channel