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    4G/LTE Wireless Gateway

    The accelerating growth of 4G/LTE wireless deployment, driven by increased use of smartphones, is enabling service providers to develop new high-speed gateway platforms to satisfy a huge appetite for data-rich applications from mobile users. By combining 4G/LTE wireless and Ethernet technologies, scalable mobile broadband gateways are formed for the delivery of high-quality voice, data, and video services.

    4g lte

    Microchip offers a broad, industry-leading portfolio of 10/100 Mbps and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet PHY and switch solutions that are high-performance, application feature optimized, and have a small footprint. With additional support from our innovative EtherGREEN™ and EtherSynch® platforms, this provides flexible options to minimize power consumption while enabling superior timing synchronization performance for emerging 4G/LTE wireless gateway applications.

    ung diag 4g lte wireless gateway

    Ethernet Video Channel