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    Automotive Touch

    The adoption of capacitive touch input systems in modern automobiles began several years ago and now is a widely accepted and highly desirable amenity for drivers and passengers alike. Approximately 100 million new cars are produced every year and, on average, each one offers at least one touch surface. Many of them feature multiple capacitive touch interfaces. You can find 1D touch used for the touch buttons in the radio interface, steering wheel and door and roof modules. The number of 2D touch applications also has grown rapidly over the last five years with the addition of capacitive touchpads and touch screens to automotive designs. New technologies like proximity detection and air gestures are being incorporated into automotive Human/Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to reduce driver distraction and simplify the interaction between the driver and the vehicle. If you are developing a capacitive touch system for your automotive design, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of touch screen controllers to provide these advanced features while meeting the challenging design requirements of automotive applications.

    As touch screen displays in the car become larger, drivers expect them to offer the same touch experience as their mobile phones. However, screens in automobiles require thicker cover lenses to meet stringent head impact and vibration tests, which can affect touch performance. Our maXTouch® “TD” family of touch screen controllers features technology that enables adaptive touch utilizing self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance measurements to recognize all touches through thicker cover lenses while avoiding false touch detections. They also feature our proprietary signal shaping technology that significantly lowers emissions to help large touch screens meet CISPR-25 Level 5 requirements for electromagnetic interference in automobiles.

    All maXTouch touch screen controllers are compatible with maXTouch Studio software, a complete development environment that supports the tuning of maXTouch touch screen controllers and their integration into the vehicle.

    Automotive Touch Technologies

    1D Touch

    • Water-tolerant touch buttons, wheels and sliders for applications such as car radio, door panels, steering wheels and roof panels
    • Waterproof touch on metal
    • Support for trunk kick sensor activation
    • Touch libraries for PIC®, AVR® and SAM microcontrollers

    2D Touch

    • Multi-touch screens for use in center stacks and rear seat entertainment systems
    • Multi-touch pads for center consoles, steering wheels, door modules and rear seat HVAC controls
    • Support for water-tolerant touch, multi-gloved finger tracking and thick cover lenses
    • Best-in-class EMI/EMC performance with dedicated EMI optimizer tool
    • Touch gesture detection

    3D Touch

    • 3D hand gesture recognition for reduced driver distraction
    • Proximity detection and spatial detection for automotive touch screens

    Why Work with Microchip for Your Automotive Touch Design?

    Global Support Across Your Entire Supply Chain

    Having shipped more than 100M touch screen controllers to our automotive customers, we offer a comprehensive and proven platform to solve your touch and input sensing challenges. Our customer-focused global support infrastructure includes touch design centers located around the world. which means that we can offer real-time support wherever your supply chain partners are located.  These strategically located application support centers provide assistance with touch sensor and PCB design and simulation, along with capacitive touch system integration and tuning.

    Additional design resources include dedicated automotive development tools, complete technical documentation such as datasheets, application notes and tuning guides. You can also order IC samples and development tools through Microchip’s purchasing channel, www.microchipdirect.com.

    We Understand Your Needs

    As a leading supplier with over 50 years of experience in delivering embedded solutions to global automotive customers, we have a proven track record in the automotive market. We understand the unique requirements of our customers, from concept through production support. We offer dedicated quality systems, process and flows for automotive development, including full customer-reported Failure Analysis (FA) capabilities delivered through the industry-recognized 8D process.

    Our automotive touch and gesture controllers are AEC-Q100 qualified up to Grade 1 (125°C operating temperature) and include support for functional safety requirements and Automotive SPICE® Level 3 compliant firmware development processes.

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