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    Body Electronics

    Automotive manufacturers are using our technology to change the shape of motoring by developing innovative features and adding new value to existing functions. The way drivers interact with their vehicles is almost entirely defined by body electronics. As a leader in this market, Microchip offers the best-in-class technologies, advanced solutions and specialized support to help automotive clients get their latest designs to market fast.

    Explore an application

    Microchip supports a wide variety of body electronics applications. Find the resources you need, including devices, development tools, documentation and more, to move your design forward in our application-specific pages.


    Solve Your Design Challenges with Microchip

    Automotive-Qualified Products

    Design your automotive system on your terms. Our wide variety of automotive-qualified products give you the freedom to differentiate your design however you’d like. Explore our entire automotive product portfolio below:

    Design Support

    Offering a broad portfolio of complementary solutions for body electronics, Microchip also provides support from specialized teams of engineers who are experts in specific functions, from car entry to overhead console design.

    Development Tools

    With reference designs available for many body electronic systems, such as Passive Entry/Passive Start (PEPS), car entry and touch-sensing door handles, as well as support for more complex Body Control Module (BCM) designs, we are more than a supplier, we are part of your design team.


    Our expertise extends not just to products but across the total automotive solution. As a market leader in communications technologies including LIN, CAN/CAN FD, USB, Ethernet, INICnet™ and MOST® technologies, and emerging features such as touch entry systems, we have the technology to keep your cars connected. We provide everything from the hardware to the reference code, and help you develop your production-ready software to make your journey from draft board to design as smooth as possible.

    Global Support

    Microchip works with customers all around the world, putting dedicated teams in customer premises, supported by our extensive resources at key locations globally. We also have an entire group dedicated to automotive applications making sure the support you need is always at hand.

    Quality, Supply Chain, Production

    When it comes to quality, we work the way you work. With strict adherence to industry standards, a robust Product Change Note system and a commitment to Customer Driven Obsolescence, you can rely on Microchip for quality of service and continuity of supply. We have active members of the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) and ISO and are part of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC), ensuring that everything we do meets your high standards.